Assam nrc ADDITIONAL DRAFT EXCLUSION LIST {26-06-2019} Live Now

Assam nrc additional draft exclusion list [ 26-06-2019 Live Now


(26th June, 2019)

As per provisions contained in Clause 5 of the Schedule of The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens 
and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003, an Additional Draft Exclusion List consisting of 1,02,462 
persons has been published today. The persons whose names appear in the Additional Draft Exclusions List 
are those persons whose names were included in the Draft NRC published on 30th July 2018, but have been 
subsequently found ineligible due to the following reasons:
1. Persons who were found to be DF (Declared Foreigner) or DV (Doubtful Voter) or PFT (persons 
with cases Pending at Foreigners Tribunals) or their descendants, as applicable, discovered after 
publication of Draft NRC,
2. Persons who were found to be ineligible while appearing as witness in hearings held for disposal 
of Claims & Objections,
3. Persons who were found to be ineligible during the process of verification carried out by the Local 
Registrars of Citizens Registration (LRCRs) under provisions of Clause 4(3), after publication of 
Complete Draft NRC on 30th July, 2018. 
The Additional Draft Exclusion List will not contain the results of claimants and objectees appearing for hearings 
held for disposal of Claims and Objections during the period 15th February 2019 to 26th June, 2019. The results of 
those hearings will be published only in the Final NRC to be published on 31st July 2019. 
Starting at 10 AM on 26th June, 2019, the hard copies of the Additional Draft Exclusion List will be available for 
public view at NRC Seva Kendras (NSK), offices of the Deputy Commissioner/ SDO (Civil)/ Circle Officer during 
office hours. Particulars of the Additional Draft Exclusion List can also be viewed online in the NRC website starting at 10 AM on 26th June, 2019. 
Those persons who will be excluded will also be informed individually through Letters of Information (LOI) to be 
delivered at their residential addresses along with the reason of exclusion. Such persons will have the opportunity 
to file their Claims which will be disposed through a hearing by a Disposing Officer. The submission of Claim and 
it’s disposal by the Disposing Officer through a hearing will happen together. LOI will mention the details of the 
venue of claim submission cum hearing. The hearings will start from 5th July 2019 onwards. The date of hearings 
will also be available online in the NRC website from 29th June 2019 onwards. All such Claims 
will be disposed thereafter and results of such persons will be declared in the Final NRC on 31st July 2019.

State Coordinator, NRC, Assam 👎👎👎👇👇